In the middle of a great trial, when as yet there seems no way out, we can all affirm with Job,

For God will complete what he appoints for me,
and many such things are in His mind.

Job 23:14

Like Job, we might at times feel that God is nowhere to be found in our troubles (Job 23:8-9). But we know better.

But God knows the way that I take;
when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold.

Job 23:10

There are really two reasons why we can have such confidence in God when the present hurts and the future is unknown. The first reason is that we are still remaining godly (Job 23:11-12) and the second reason is that God never changes and will always do what He unchangingly desires for us (Job 23:13-14).

Our lives are forever changing, from good to bad, from bad to worse, sometimes from one version of worse to another version thereof. But our God never changes. He has purposed His desires for us, and none of that changes. Therefore we will be brought through it all, and come out the other end as gold.