We rightfully praise the Lord for His grace and goodness towards us. Many of the Psalms erupt with “Hallelujah!” (Hebrew for “blessed be the LORD”) for God’s character and accomplishments. But at the End of the World, Revelation 19 records for us that there will be some of the most thunderous “Hallelujah” choruses ever to resound through the universe. The causes for such rejoicing and praising the Lord are two-fold, and both are worthy of some meditation from us before we arrive on that day.

The first occasion for “Hallelujah” ringing out across the skies is that of justice. Yes, Christians praise the Lord not only for His grace to sinners, but also for His final justice over all evil. Revelation 19:1-2 is a song of praise to the Lord for avenging, with impeccable justice, the great evil in this world. Verse 3 is a repeated “Hallelujah” that the smoke from the punishment of the evil will forever rise. It is somewhat spine-chilling, but at the same time gloriously wonderful. All evil-doers will be punished forever as all evil deserves. Praise the Lord for that!

And then, perhaps more familiar to us, Revelation 19:6-8 affirms the abundant “Hallelujah!” for God’s grace to reach down among all the evil-doers and prepare from among them a bride for His Son, made beautiful by His righteousness. Praise the Lord for that!

Both the experience of good, and the experience of evil, is an occasion for a “Hallelujah!”