The devotional today is a personal testimony of a mature man reflecting on gaining spiritual maturity. May it comfort your souls as it has mine.

How do we gain spiritual maturity in our lives?

Well, over the past 24 years I’ve seen the importance of a good sound local church, its membership and sound leadership. It was here that I started to mature through good sound expository in-depth preaching and teaching resulting in spiritual growth in my life. It is through the understanding of – knowledge of scripture that we grow and become more mature.

It’s through scriptures like 2 Timothy 3:14 – 17 that we get to see and understand the need for scripture in our lives, where scripture comes from, what’s the purpose and necessity of scripture in our lives, how to apply scripture to our lives, what effect scripture has on us in our lives and how does scripture benefit us in this life.

We get to see that scripture comes from God (Inspired by God) and that scripture teaches us all the principles of our religion / faith. Scripture teaches us how to live God honouring lives, lives that are righteous through obedience to God’s word / scripture. We see that sound understanding of scripture is profitable for us because it leads us along a path of righteousness – fruit bearing lives, which in turn leads us into eternity with our Lord and Saviour.

Scripture prepares us for the road that lies ahead of us – our lives.

And so, as we walk along this path of righteousness, so we mature in our understanding of God’s word.

God’s work is accomplished through His church, that is you and me / us, and we need to have an excellent understanding of his word to effectively and efficiently do all that He has set out for us to do. And we need to do it to the best of our ability, and in doing so glorify His name.