YouTube is filled with “How to ….” instructions for practical things we all bump into from time to time. Spiritually we bump into temptation frequently enough that we should be crying out for a “How to …” instruction regarding sin and temptation. Scripture is filled with such instruction, but first we need the “How not to …” instructions to expose the ways we commonly accept as ways to become more holy, but, as we ourselves prove, they don’t work.

You won’t become more holy by doing nothing. “Let go and let God” is true of salvation, but not of sanctification. Postponing by waiting for a more opportune time to fight temptation doesn’t make one holy either. Going about aimlessly, not really doing anything because you actually have no clue where even to start is also a proven recipe not to become more holy.

Treating sin and temptation physically also doesn’t make us more holy. Punishing yourself by withholding joy and happiness from yourself, or perhaps even punishing yourself with physical discomfort and pain is no highway to holiness. The same is true for medication. Pills might alter your state of mind, but they don’t make your mind any holier for it.

Practising more religion is the highway to holiness in all false religions, but it too doesn’t work. Maintaining religions traditions might make you appear holy, but it is only external. Experiencing powerful spiritual events makes you feel more holy, but it wears off. Participation in ministry outreaches motivates you to holiness, but only until the post-outreach blues kick in again. Verbal declarations against sin and Satan and verbal promises of blessing and holiness are likewise ineffective in producing actual holiness.

Theological meditation is an important component of sanctification, but by itself it too will not make you more holy. No matter how mystical your mind can juggle different theological concepts, and no matter how much “salvation by grace alone” is ingrained in your thinking, you simply won’t be more holy for it.

All these ways are not the highway to true holiness. Neither of these can overcome the power of temptation every time. It is time to recognise the futility of these things in our pursuit of holiness and adopt the Biblical highway to holiness.

So, come back again tomorrow, for “How you will become more holy”