Philippians 4:13 is quoted frequently by professing Christians, but rarely with any awareness of what God intended with that line in His Word.

Verse 13 is merely the memorable part in the story of verses 10-20. Verse 13 is simply Paul’s affirmation that he could be content in every circumstance, good or bad, because Christ enabled him to be content. The bigger picture is that Christ is glorified when He supplies in Paul’s needs through the Philippians, or when he supplies in the needs of the Philippians some other way, or when he supplies the lesson of contentment instead of supplying their need.

With a verse as precious and memorable as Philippians 4:13, we will do well to use it frequently. Here is a modern equivalent to what prompted Paul to say what he did in that verse.

“The economy is collapsing, my job is uncertain, my phone got stolen, my unborn child passed away, my car got bumped, my health is failing, (v12) … but I can contentedly trust God and keep doing what is right with a godly attitude (v11), because Christ strengthens me (v13) in ways the world does not know, and Christ will be glorified in my testimony (v20) as much as in suddenly turning everything around in rich blessing (v19). I therefore do not seek a good outcome or some relief, but spiritual maturity (v17). And with such a focus, when you are a blessing to me, I will recognise your kindness and be more thankful (vv10 & 14).”

I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me