Too much of spiritual discussion between Christians fall into the “I think” category instead of the “God said” category. Because we are weak in specific Bible knowledge and strong in our opinion, we often say things to other Christians that could be much improved on.

There is a subtle satisfaction that comes from staying on the “I think” level. “I think” conversations are open to all kinds of interesting speculations. We feel that conversation has progressed, and that we’ve learned from others, and that we were able to share our insights when we engage in “I think” conversations.

On the other hand, when someone quietly listening to an “I think” conversation interrupts it with a “God said” statement, it often stops the conversation. Consequently we learn very little from one another feeling that a verse by itself is enough and needs no interaction. Our self-esteem takes a knock too, because we feel that our follow-up is unworthy after a “God said” statement. The result is that we tend to resort even more to “I think” conversations and leave the “God said” conversations for pastors and the nerdy Bible-geeks in the front pew at church.

Then, by God’s good grace, you grow and mature a little and start realising that the “God said” conversations are actually much more open to fulfilling conversation than the “I think” conversations you are so accustomed to. Slowly you engage more in the “God said” conversations that fascinate your curiosity, and you engage less in the “I think” conversations that now appear empty and irrelevant to you. The intrigue of speculation that once kept various opinions flowing freely is now replaced with the conviction of absolute Truth that characterises the conversations of the wise and godly among us. You learn to believe what IS true more than you believe what MIGHT be true.

This is articulated very clearly in the Apostolic charge to pastors in 1 Timothy 1:4

[charge persons not] to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies, which promote speculations rather than the stewardship from God that is by faith.

1 Timothy 1:4

God has handed us a book of revelation about Himself, ourselves, and this life we life. Mankind is continually forming opinions with no end in sight. Will you be a wise steward of the Scriptures, or will you promote even more speculations. Conform your “I think” to match what “God said”. Conform your conversations to bring understand to others about what “God said”.