In contrast to the false spiritual leaders of Jesus’s day, not to mention the many false spiritual leaders of our own day, Jesus was compassionate.

Jesus would look out over a crowd of people, and have great compassion for them because He perceived their spiritual predicament (Mat 9:36). Sometimes it was the physical suffering evident in a crowd that would compel Jesus to show them compassion (Mat 14:14). In a similar setting later again, the compassion of Jesus was evident in His recognition of something as common as a hungry stomach (Mat 15:32).

Jesus would also look at smaller groups of people, sometimes as little as two (Mat 20:34), or even one individual (Luk 7:12-15) , and reach out to them in great compassion.

Christianity is defined by a compassionate Jesus Who cares about the effects of sin on our lives. He cares with great compassion, and acts accordingly to save us from our sins, to one day remove all of the most extreme and even the most common physical sufferings, and to deal with us individually in great compassion.