A very particular little oasis in the desert near the Dead Sea gets mentioned a few times in God’s Word. It is the waterfall and spring in the middle of the desert at “En Gedi”.

It is mentioned in 1 Samuel 24:1ff and, related to that, it is also mentioned in the inspired title of Psalm 57 (Psalm 142 being another psalm from the same experiences). From Psalm 142 we learn to pour out our burdens on the LORD and trust Him when we are in difficult times. From Psalm 57 we learn to worship God and thank Him for His perfections during our times of struggle. David’s experiences in the cave and desert near En Gedi are a model for us during troubling times.

Another reference to En Gedi is in the Song of Solomon. In Song of Solomon 1:14 the wife thinks of her husband (and her marriage) as a highly valuable fragrance in one of the most lovely vineyards even though everything else in life might be a vast desert. Focussing on the fragrance more than the location, the husband returns the sentiment in Song of Solomon 4:13-14. Again there is a lesson for us from En Gedi. Like En Gedi is an oasis of sweet smelling fragrances in the arid desert, so marriage is a little bit of bliss in this troubled world.

But it is the third significance mention of the area around En Gedi that not only helps us worship God and enjoy marriage while the curse of sin rages on this world, but propels our minds to the future when the curse of sin will be reversed. In Ezekiel 47:10 The entire Dead Sea area, barren at the moment, from En Gedi to the other side of the aptly named Dead Sea, will transform into a lush, fertile area teeming with life. This, according to that chapter, is what Jesus will do to that area when He returns.

En Gedi is an oasis on the banks of the Dead Sea surrounded by desert sand. It is the picture of life and vitality in the middle of the most arid and lifeless surroundings. It is an icon in Scripture of how God cares for His chosen ones (Eccl 8:12), how God gives marriage as a gift of sweetness in a cursed world (Eccl 9:9), and how God will make all things beautiful in His time (Eccl 3:11a).