You are welcome to join us in person at 2 PM.
(please confirm your attendance with the pastor beforehand to ensure that there is space for you under the new health regulations).

If you are not able to join us in person, you can use following resources for your own worship of God at home, or you can join us for a live-stream from 1:45 PM using this link:


The primary components of Church Worship services are Prayer, Bible reading, Preaching, Singing, Giving, Fellowship, and the Lord’s Supper. Be sure to participate in each of these various acts of worship to participate with the saints today in the worship of our Lord and our God.

We have a YouTube playlist with songs the way we sing them at church. Use the playlist to become familiar with how we sing tot he Lord so we can join our voices in glad praises when the restrictions are lifted! (

Listen to the sermon live at 2:00 PM using this link: If you are unable to join us live, the sermon link below contains the sermon notes in reading format. The audio will be added after the live recording.

1 Corinthians 1:18-2:16, “The Gospel: A Battle of Wisdoms” by Andrew Zekveld

May the Lord draw your heart to the worship of His great Name, the building up of one another, and the reaching of the lost.