Pray for one another to use well this day as a time for particular prayer, worthy worship, and intentional instruction.


Welcome to this online order of service. While we cannot meet in person today, we can still worship the Lord in our prayers, songs, and attention to His Word. Use this order of service, not as some strange form of ‘online church’, but as a personal, and temporary, substitute for church, knowing that, though much is lacking in the practise of the ‘one anothers’ today, that the Lord still gives us this day freed from the worries of this life to focus on Him.


Sing along in the opening song for today, reminding yourself that we walk by faith and not primarily by sight while on this earth.

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Pray with us,

Lord, without faith it is impossible to please You (Heb 11:6), and so we come by faith in all that You have revealed about Yourself, ourselves, and this world , and we ask that you accept our worship for Jesus’ sake, Amen.

  1. Due to the increased number of COVID cases in our neighbourhoods and even in our congregation, please exercise great caution with one another and with your neighbours. Be an example of not living in fear, but also be an example of true Christian compassion and consideration. Pray also for the medical staff who are Christians to work with endurance and faithfulness under the added stress.
  2. We will also not meet in person today or next week, so please check back here next week again for the order of service.
  3. Home-group will resume next week Tuesday, 13 January, at 19h15. Use this week to re-familiarise yourself with the notes. We will discuss each other’s answers the questions of Lesson 5 in “Christians Among One Another” available here: The online link will be posted on the Lockdown WhatsApp group.

Listen as you read this pastoral prayer, and pray it as from your own heart.

Our Heavenly God and Father, Your mercy to us is evident each day (Lam 3:22-23). In fact, it is only by Your mercy that we can live our lives as Christians each day in a manner that will please You (Rom 12:1). You have commanded us not to be like the world in the way we live, and truly our desire is to prove to all what Your good, acceptable, and perfect will is (Rom 12:2).

Forgive us where we think too highly of ourselves (Rom 12:3). Help us recognise our place, not only in this world, but especially among one another (Rom 12:4-5). Make us excel in our service to one another, knowing that each of us contribute, by the gifting of Your Spirit, to the maturity of one another as the body of Christ (Rom 12:6-8; Eph 4:15-16).

Teach us to love truly and to hate all things evil. Pry our hands off the foolish and wicked things that we so often cling to, and make us continue only in that which is good and honourable (Rom 12:9). Thank-you for the genuine affection that we experience when we serve one another, and thank you for the honour that we can demonstrate to one another in such practical things like popping over for a visit, helping out with a difficult task, or running errands for the sick (Rom 12:10). Stir us up to be zealous, and not lazy; fervent, and not indifferent; knowing that we love one another out of service to You (Rom 12:11).

Teach us how to rejoice in the hope that we have in You even when we are prayerfully enduring trials (Rom 12:12). Make us always aware of the physical and emotional needs of one another (Rom 12:13).

Father, we understand that our worship of You requires of us not only to love one another, but also to love our neighbour, and yes, even those who hate us. Teach us to be a blessing to all (Rom 12:14), able to empathise with anyone (Rom 12:15), willing to humble ourselves to be at peace with everyone (Rom 12:16). Forgive us for any vengeful thoughts, be it at the bank, on the road, or among even our closest family (Rom 12:17). Make us instruments of peace (Rom 12:18).

Thank you that You will one day right all the wrongs done, both by us and to us (Rom 12:19). Help us, until that day, always to err on the side of being too gracious rather than too vindictive (Rom 12:20-21).

We do not ask these things of You, Lord, simply because we think it to be good and virtuous, but because You have called us to live differently to the world (Rom 12:2). Transform us each day, for Your glory, Amen.


Our Scripture reading today is Psalm 46. Ponder it in your heart, and use the structure of it below to guide your own responsive prayer in light of this Word from God.

  1. God helps us (Ps 46:1)
  2. God helps us during earthly disasters (Ps 46:2-3)
  3. God helps us to Paradise (Ps 46:4-5)
  4. God helps us during political unrest (Ps 46:6-7)
  5. God helps us with unchallenged success (Ps 46:8-11)

We have a YouTube playlist with songs the way we sing them at church. Use the playlist to become familiar with how we sing tot he Lord so we can join our voices in glad praises when the restrictions are lifted again! (

Sing with joyful thanksgiving to the Lord our God!

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Pray with us,

Our Father in Heaven, Your glorious majesty is our comfort and strength, and we sing these lyrics with full conviction and sincerity, asking now, Lord, that you make it increasingly true of us, that we will sing your praises no matter what lies before us. May Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, be exalted in our lives. As we submit now to the preaching of Your Word, teach us a little more of Your wisdom for living a godly life until You Son appears on the clouds. May Jesus Christ be exalted in our submission to His Word, Amen.


Listen to the sermon live at 9:30 AM using this link: We are also attempting a live-stream via facebook which you can access here:
If you are unable to join us live, the sermon link below contains the sermon notes in reading format. The audio will be added after the live recording.

Proverbs, “Slaying the Sluggard Within” by Andrew Zekveld


Let’s respond to God’s Word, with appropriate praise!

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Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God
May He answer us when we call.

Psalm 20:7, 9 (ESV)