Let marriage be held in honour among all

The Bible, Hebrews 13:4a

Be you single, married, divorced, or widowed, you have an obligation as a Christian to make marriage great in the eyes of those around you. This verse is not only for church gatherings and Christian get-togethers; it is for all of life. Marriage is to be held in honour among all people.

If single, you can hold marriage in high esteem by the way that you speak about it, how you interact with married people of the opposite gender, with what attitude you attend weddings, and how you prepare yourself for marriage if it be your desire.

If married, all you say about your marriage and your spouse either honours or dishonours marriage in the mind of those who hear you. Similarly the manner in which you speak to your spouse, and the way you treat your spouse speaks volumes of your view of marriage. And the standard is “let marriage be held in honour among all.” Even your children should know that it is very special to be married.

If once married, but no longer, for whatever reason, let marriage still be held in honour among all. Share the lessons of marriage with the younger folk, but do so honourably.

Marriage is the only earthly thing addressed in Scripture that doesn’t come with a negative side. All things in life are denounced in Ecclesiastes as futile – many things are very good, but ultimately futile. Except marriage. Marriage is the little bit of bliss in this otherwise futile world. Learn to uphold the honour of marriage in a world that dishonours it so.

Go be a good friend to your spouse today; don’t forward that marriage-mocking meme; practise sexual purity to reflect the exclusivity to marriage that accompanies sexual activity; speak honourably about the design of marriage when many mock their participation or observation of marriage. Be the beam of light on the beauties of marriage.