The world thinks a rich family is a happy family—but riches do not make families love each other more—some of the happiest families are poor families. The world thinks it is more important to spend overtime at work than with family—but meeting deadlines do not make families love each other more either, quite the opposite. The world thinks that sport is the glue that keeps a family together, but then the season is over, and you realise sport was just a temporary distraction.

Happy marriages make happy, loving families. A God-fearing father and a caring mother make happy, loving families.

God’s commentary on the marriage of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2:24 was that marriage is designed to build a new family. Leave father and mother, cleave to each other, and weave a new life together.

Ephesians 6:1 commands fathers to train their children in God’s ways. Learning mathematics and science can be outsourced to educational institutions, but spiritual truths and common sense wisdom is best taught by fathers to children.

Titus 2:4 calls mothers to love their children. Doctors can heal them, coaches can train them, but love is best felt from mothers to children.

God designed marriage to build a family—to build a family that knows God, and loves each other.