God uses two means of running the universe according to His perfect plan – miracles and providence.

The crossing of the Red Sea, water from a rock, manna from an empty sky and the like are examples of God’s miraculous providing grace. There are only a few times in history in which God used miracles to progress His Divine plan for mankind.

The more common manner in which God runs the universe, is through Providence. The book of Esther is a grand display of God’s Providence. From an unbelieving vantage point, it seems completely ‘coincidental’. But through the eyes of faith it is a beautiful vindication of God’s wisdom and power through Providence.

Sadly though, mankind generally does not respond rightly to either of God’s actions – be it a miracle or providence. Pharaoh did not believe the miracles of Moses, Ahab did not believe the miracles of Elijah, and the Pharisees did not believe the miracles of Jesus either. Similarly Deuteronomy 8 warns that the providential work of God in the lives of the Israelites will become a temptation to boast of their own accomplishments.

For believers, both miracle and providence is a wonderful testimony to God’s power and goodness. Let us not become conceited thinking we have accomplished much, but let us turn all God’s miraculous deeds and providential decrees into praise.