“One quick sin will end all your troubles.”

Countless live by that lie.

“One ‘quick and painless’ abortion will return you chaos to normality again.”
“One small psychiatric pill will give you peace.”
“One night of adultery will fulfill your marital needs.”

Phrases like that are very common. Even more common are the more ‘respectable’ versions of the above.

“One quick outburst of anger will solve your parenting woes for the day.”
“One ‘white lie’ will get you the contract.”
“One tiny gossip titbit will maintain the friendship.”

It is all a lie.

In 1 Samuel 23:39 – 24:22 King David finally has the golden opportunity to end the rather extreme trial that has plagued him for a long time already. King Saul wouldn’t hesitate to grab the opportunity, but the more righteous King David resists. Many very persuasive reasons could be given to justify David’s one little act to end all his troubles, but he resists.

This is a great lesson for all those who fear the Lord. Do not make rational excuses for your sinful passions when you are in desperate times. We are never the most godly during desperate times ā€“ so, when in desperate times, be extra vigilant against sinful desires. Times of extreme trial are never made better by acting sinfully.

World problems are not made better by seeking personal revenge, or a sinful way out. Instead, world problems are made better by personal holiness and trusting God with the results of your personal obedience to Him. He might bring blessing, as in the case of David, or the LORD might extend the time of trial, as in the case of David up to this point in 1 Samuel.

Experiencing suffering is not sinful; justifying selfish passions are. In desperate times, check your heart ā€“ and resist every sinful passion.