Psalm 115:3
Our God is in the Heavens,
He does all that He pleases.

It is no secret that the most profound realities of life are also the most simple. Psalm 115:3 is one of the most basic, yet at the same time the most profound, of realities. God is God, acts like God, and as the rest of the Psalm indicates, He is the only true God – all idols are worthless, all blessing must come from God in order to be realised.

What a comfort to our souls that our God is in the Heavens and that He does all that He pleases! What expectation of blessing defines our hope in this life. If blessing were to come from another, who knows if it would ever come? But our God is the good, compassionate and gracious God (Psalm 145:8-9), therefore blessing abounds.

Furthermore, Psalm 115:3 is a comfort to believers because of the assertion of God’s supreme sovereignty – “He does all that He pleases”. If God were limited in power, or coerced in will, we would have no reason to rest in His promises. But “He does all that He pleases”. What pleases Him is only good, and His ability to act accordingly knowns no limits. In that Divine sense, absolute power is the most comforting reality!