Some matters of chronology are difficult to confirm with absolute certainty, but after much study, I believe this is the best reconstruction of the events of our Lord during the Passion Week. As we approach the Easter weekend holidays, it is good for us to dwell on the truth of what all transpired that weekend and the days leading up to it. For each day this week, the events of the day will be given for our meditation and worship.

(The passages marked with an * are the recommended ones to read if you cannot read them all)


Jesus enters Jerusalem as the recognised King
(Matt 21:1-9; Mark 11:1-10; *Luke 19:29-40; John 12:12-19. One of the very few events recorded in all four Gospels!)

Jesus weeps over the city’s lack recognising God’s work through Him
(*Luke 19:41-44)

Jesus ministers to the crowds in the temple
(*Matt 21:10-11, 14-17; Mark 11:11)