It is the day before the crucifixion of Jesus. Most of the events of this day occurred after hours which made for a long night into the early hours of Friday. Read the events of this day knowing that Jesus knew what was about to happen.


Jesus sends some disciples to prepare the Passover meal
Matt 26:17-20; Mark 14:12-17; Luke 22:7-16

Jesus washes the disciples’ feet
John 13:1-20

Jesus points out the betrayer
Like the Triumphal entry, this is recorded in all four Gospels
Matt 26:21-25; Mark 14:18-21; Luke 22:21-23; John 13:21-30.

The disciples debate their greatness
Luke 22:24-30

Jesus predicts Peter’s denials
Luke 22:31-38; John 13:31-38

Sermon Suggestion: Luke 22:21-34 “Worldly VS Christian Greatness

The Passover meal is ended and the Lord’s Supper is instituted
Matt 26:26-29; Mark 14:22-25; Luke 22:17-20; cf 1 Cor 11:23-26

Sermon Suggestion: Luke 22:7-20 “Why We Do Not Celebrate the Passover

Jesus prepares the disciples for His departure
John 14:1-17:26

Jesus and the disciples in the garden of Gethsemane
Matt 26:30-35; Mark 14:26-31; Luke 22:39-40; John 18:1

Sermon Suggestion: Luke 22:35-51 “Jesus’ Spiritual Survival Plan

Jesus prays in Gethsemane
Matt 26:36-46; Mark 14:32-42; Luke 22:40-46

Jesus betrayed, arrested, and alone
Matt 26:47-56; Mark 14:43-52; Luke 22:47-53; John 18:2-12

Jesus is brought to trial before Annas and Caiaphas
Matt 26:57-68; Mark 14:53-65; Luke 22:54

Peter’s denials of Jesus
Matt 26:69-75; Mark 14:66-72; Luke 22:55-56; John 18:25-27

Sermon Suggestion: Luke 22:52-65 “The Forces of Darkness