complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind.

Philippians 2:2 (ESV)

Finally, after the four things in verse 1 that make every Christian a really happy person, the main point comes with a bang in verse 2—”complete my joy”. Take those wonderful Christian experiences of verse 1, and turn them towards a perfected joy. This is a joy that would make the famous Apostle Paul happy, that would excite in your own spiritual leaders great joy, and that will make you as a Christian more aware of the joy that can be had simply by being a faithful Christian.

The four things in verse 1 were all things that God does, but here in verse 2 are the things we can add to that to make the divine perfections of Christian joy something that you actually experience.

There are four Christian activities that make Christian such happy people. 1) thinking the same, 2) loving the same, 3) worship the same, and 4) aim the same.

“being of one mind”—be like-minded. Christians are not most happy when they express their own thoughts, but when they think just like Christ does (cf. Phil 2:5). Christian joy comes when we set aside our own opinions for Christ’s opinion. Learn not only to think your thoughts, but to analyse your thoughts to see if perhaps there is not a significant element of selfishness in your thoughts that rob you from Divine happiness.

“having the same love”—love all indiscriminately as Christ did. Serve all in need, encourage all weighed down, convict all in sin, love all in Christ. We tend to have great joy with some and lesser joy with others, even in the church, so if you want perfected joy, go love all in the body of Christ until joy is experienced among all.

“being in full accord”—this is literally “one-souled”. What some couples affectionately claim to be “soul mates” is only really true in Christian fellowship. Only those who have experienced all of verse 1 from God, can truly experienced being “one-souled” with others who have experienced all of verse 1 from God. Be in full accord spiritually means to have a common goal of holiness that benefits from rebukes, to have a common goal of growing in the knowledge of Christ that motivates Biblical study and discussions, to have a common goal of worship that overcomes personal issues for the sake of corporate worship.

“being of one mind”—this is very similar to the first one, but focusses a little more on the purpose of all things. After you have analysed your thoughts to rid itself of all selfishness, place the well-being of others as the new purpose of all thoughts. Before you speak, think how it will benefit the hearer. Before you act, think how it can be to God’s glory. Before you desire, think how it can be purified to please God and others more than self.

In simple terms, verse 1 affirms the great things God has done to make Christians the happiest people on earth. Verse 2 tells us as Christians how we can experience such perfect happiness. We simply need to be less like ourselves and more like Jesus in our thoughts, our loves, our spirituality, and our purposes.