A trellis for a stronger vine

A good trellis is never the end-goal of producing grapes, yet it supplies the structure on which the carefully nurtured vine can mature, making its fruit accessible to many. Likewise a property is never the goal of Church ministry, yet we believe that it will be the administrative structure from which our spiritual labours will extend spiritual growth and maturity to many more in our city.

Permanent and exclusive use of a suitable property is more than a Sunday-only matter. Already it will become the home for our Sunday service and Bible Hour, but also then the home for our Tuesday evening NextGen training classes, another Wednesday evening Home-group location, Saturday prayer meeting, and our monthly men’s, women’s, and youth meetings. Additionally we would prayerfully love to add community outreach events, pastoral sharpening sessions among like-minded local churches, a Christian library and book store, and an annual Biblical counselling conference and workshop.

A big bucket is filled one drop at a time

Finding a suitable property, and obtaining ownership of one, is not an easy task, nor is it something that comes cheaply. Our monthly budget makes a small contribution to the property from our regular giving, and all additional giving marked “property” will be added to the property fund so that, when a viable property becomes available, we can with integrity and clarity make a reasonable offer to purchase. Our aim at the present is to save R 2 million (130 000 USD) to justify serious investigation into properties as they become available, knowing that we might well need to raise another R 2 million at the time to make a reasonable offer to purchase.

You can help


Within South Africa, direct deposits or Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) can be made directly into the following account:

Living Hope Baptist NPC
First National Bank (FNB): Cheque Account
Account number: 6275 7170 370



Contact us for any further information

Our aim, in all things, with little or with much, is to present everyone mature in Christ, able to live this life with excellence and spiritual conviction, prepared for the life to come.

Colossians 1:28-29, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Revelation 2:7