Property Update

*20 January 2020

THE TESTIMONY: What a testimony of participation in the work of the Lord Jesus the past few weeks have been. With the sudden opportunity of purchasing a church property, to the final meetings and decisions, the prayers, counsel, giving, and pledges stand in the history of LHBC as a witness to the desire of every Christian in the Church to make Christ known.

THE DECISION: After some important clarification meetings, and with the guidance of the Word of God and the counsel of the godly, an offer to purchase was made, but not accepted.

THE MONEY: Many have already given to the property fund, and those funds will be dedicated to the next property opportunity. The pledges that were given played a major role in bringing us thus far in the property discussions, and we trust that, when the Lord brings us to the correct property, He will at that time again stir our hearts for such work. If you still want to give to this ministry aspiration, you are welcome to do so, using the details below, and reference it as “property” so the funds can be allocated accordingly.

We continue to trust God and His revealed wisdom in our desire to have a property that can be set aside for the work of the Lord. As we were reminded by the first sermon of 2022, our work is to make disciples who sense God’s authority and are well-informed of His Word. We will excel in that in our current situation until the Lord directs us elsewhere.

Ministry Vision and the Role of a Property

Our desire to make Christ known to our city and our efforts to counsel and mature those around us for the work of ministry has been accomplished in many ways in spite of our third venue change in eight years.

Additionally, we are actively planning for more training of the men and women in our own church, as well as our church plant, not to forget those from other churches interested in ministry training. At present we are still unable to find a weekly time slot that would work for all (especially considering their own family obligations and transport complexities). Sunday afternoon is the only available time, but at present that is the time of our Church service due to our present rental agreement.

A property would certainly offer immediate solutions to our logistical problems like

  • allowing for a more ‘normal’ Sunday Church service time,
  • being more accessible to public transport routes and stops, and
  • the freedom to have mid-week and Saturday occasions for ministry.

A property will also become the base from which many other ministry aspirations can be fulfilled, including:

  • Community outreach
  • Becoming a link between the surrounding suburbs, university students, and nearby townships
  • Ministry training
  • Counselling workshops
  • Hosting inter-church events
  • Raising a church planter to plant a church in the surrounding areas

Our aim, in all things, with little or with much, is to present everyone mature in Christ, able to live this life with excellence and spiritual conviction, prepared for the life to come.

Colossians 1:28-29, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Revelation 2:7

Property Preparedness

Like a trellis supports a vine, so we believe that a church property supports, in part, the work of making disciples of Jesus and of teaching the disciples all that Christ has commanded (Matt 18:18-20). The vine-work is where our focus is, but the property part of the trellis is something we are building a little at a time. Opportunities have come, been pursued, and then gone again. Through it all, we work steadily to grow our property savings so that, when a property does become available, we can wisely and quickly gauge our affordability.

The plan is to keep our eyes open for a property while saving money in a property fund using some monthly savings as well as all giving marked for such saving. We are aiming for saving 60% of the total price before pursuing a property (for example, a savings about of R 2 million will allow us to search for a property of up to R 3.3 million).

Then, when a good property is found, we will actively pursue pledges towards that particular property, trusting that if the Lord wills, we will have enough pledged to submit a fair ‘offer to purchase’.

Our property savings thus far is R 480 000. Join us in seeking God’s provision, in His all-wise ways and in His perfect time.

Give for the vision, using the details below. Reference your giving with “property” so it can be allocated correctly.

*For international payments, please contact us using the form below.

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