Satan used Psalm 91 to tempt Jesus to expect God to miraculously save him from death. Many have followed Satan’s use of this Psalm in tempting God to keep us from trials instead of sticking to His perfect purposes for us that often include trials.

Psalm 91 affirms that God is indeed very capable in miracles that keep His loved ones from danger. Working through the Psalm it is not difficult to think of individuals for which some of the particulars were true. The King-anointed David was saved from traps laid for him by Saul. The prophet Daniel was saved from hungry lions. The Apostle Paul was kept safe from a poisonous snake. God is an expert at protecting His own even if a miracle is needed.

Although most of Psalm 91 is dedicated to God’s reputation of miraculous deliverances from trouble, the promise that Psalm 91 ends with is a promise of deliverance for every believer. If you know the LORD, and if you trust the Most High God, you can be sure of God’s protective care of you even if it might not be the miraculous deliverances that some have experienced. God always hears our prayers and always keeps our faith in Him intact.

Attached is a devotional study guide for your own study of this magnificent Psalm on God as our protector. May the Word of the Lord be your comfort as you trust God with your life during this pandemic.

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