As a congregation, we have memorised Psalm 1 (or it is time for a bit of rehearsing before lockdown ends 😉 ). It is indeed a Psalm for the strange times we are being confronted with each day. How do we prosper when not engaged in our normal jobs? How do we prosper when we are stuck at home with kids driving us crazy (or us driving them crazy?)? How do we prosper when the economy is uncertain, income is unpredictable, health is a matter of national fear? How do we prosper then the world seems to have gone crazy in a hundred different ways?

The answer is the same as when all things are running smoothly and everything seems to be just fine. We prosper when we stop listening to the world (Ps 1:1) and instead absorb God’s Word (Ps 1:2). That is the key to doing well in this world (Ps 1:3). Opposing God’s Word and living as though it isn’t worth our meditation is the sure way to destruction both now (Ps 1:4), and later (Ps 1:5). But when we do what is right, then we can be assured of the watchful eye of our Lord Who will preserve us (Ps 1:6).

So do not fear the world raging in chaos at the moment. Try today, to read a little less of the world’s messages, and a little more of the Bible’s verses. Recognise the reasons to rejoice in the Lord more than the reasons to worry about this world.