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  • Verbalise the obvious answer to Scripture’s questions
    In Scripture one often comes across a “rhetorical question”. It is a question stated in such a way that the answer is so obvious, that you might as well write the question as a statement. For example, if two siblings are fighting in a room and the father comes in,
  • How loudly do you rejoice?
    Sadly we too easily complain louder than we rejoice. Reading through the life and accomplishments of Nehemiah you soon realise how frequently he was opposed and how intense some of the disappointments in his life were. And yet, the book if filled with praises almost as much as it is
  • How to get somebody born again
    “Let the Word of God loose until the God of the Word causes the person to be born again.” That is perhaps the shortest, and practically most meaningful answer to the burden of our souls for the salvation of our unsaved family, friends, and neighbours. In John 3 Jesus explains
  • Ten Psalms a day?
    Have you ever tried that? Reading ten Psalms a day? We tend to read one a day perhaps, and if you are like me, even if you spend some time in the Psalm for the day, you probably still just take one key thought with you throughout the day. But
  • Forgiveness and Forgetfulness
    “Forgive and forget” is the good-intentioned, but often impossible advice given in overcoming the hurt and conflict that often results from the sin and selfishness of mankind. Though forgetfulness will greatly help in moving forward after a serious offence, it is by no means something that can be forced, and
  • Did you spend time with the Lord today?
    Did you read your Bible today? It is God’s Word, revealed long ago over a long period of time to all kinds of different people, but it is still profitable to teach you about God, to point out your sin, to show you what is right, and to lead you