Common themes and topics

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Do you know God better?

For a Christian, the question “Do you know God?” always has a resounding “Yes!” answer. But do you know God better? Do you know God …
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Don’t forget basic godliness

Sometimes we just need a reminder of the basics of Christian living. Life has many responsibilities that Christians desire to fulfil with excellence, but here …
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From the inside out

Just like all external sinful words and deeds are first internal sinful thoughts and desires (James 4:1; Mark 7:20-23), so all external good behaviour is …
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The more godly act more godly

When conflict comes, the godly act more godly. This was a phrase learned in the early years of a pastor’s ministry. Too often amidst conflict, …
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God is not vindictive

We know that God is against the wicked and will condemn them for all eternity, but at times we feel God is against us who …
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Expectations of Biblical Counselling

People come for secular and pastoral counselling with all kinds of expectations. Some expect nothing really, except perhaps a mystical fix to all their problems. …
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