The Big Picture of the Bible

Self-study Worksheets

Our Lord has given us as Christians in His Church a number of commandments among one another. This worksheet lists all those verses and will give you many hours of self-study in the New Testament as you seek to honour the Lord among the saints.

Of all the temptations to sin, and of all the sinful habits to break, those that relate to our sexuality are often the most difficult. This worksheet is a self-counselling guide to teach and guide you to greater sexual purity.

Use these as guide for examining your own heart for sinful habits that you might otherwise not really be aware of. Follow it through to the end to overcome them and reconcile with those you might have hurt.

Want to know what you are really doing with your time? Here is a worksheet to record a week’s worth of time. Use it to live a more orderly life, enjoying God’s gifts and fulfilling your responsibilities.

You might think of financial worksheet coming as a spreadsheet with rows and columns and complex formulae. As much as that would be helpful, it is of first importance to complete a financial worksheet consisting of verses and principles. It is much more liberating than a spreadsheet and offers wisdom that can fit a boatload of money or an empty wallet.

Complete a Bible course

Enrol in a free self-study class through a Biblical topic all at your own pace. The lectures are from world-class professors but the assignments are from your own pastor. By listening to the lectures you will fill your mind with knowledge about God and His Word. By completing the assignments, you will think through the material more carefully and get your pastor’s feedback.

These classes use the Edmodo online teaching tool which you can access online or via the Android or Apple app. Click on the buttons below to join the class or open the app and join the class using the short-code. Be sure to select “Get started as student” when you join.