Like Proverbs was the collection of simple truths for wise living during the OT context, so Romans 12 is the collection of simple truths for wise living during the NT context. Both, being the inspired word of God are profoundly relevant for us as Christians in the 21st century.

Romans 12 has been our church memorisation chapter for a while already, and it is time for review.

Romans 12:1-2 is about getting yourself right with God and established in the perfect pattern for living God’s will for your life.
Romans 12:3-8 instructs us in sensible church practises.
Romans 12:9-13 gets a little more specific with a string of one-liners for your interaction with other Christians.
Romans 12:14-21 then does the same for your interaction with unbelievers (even the unpleasant ones!).

Although a post was written for each verse in the Romans 12:9-13 section, it is time to review these five verses on inter-Christian interaction.

But, first try it yourself. For each verse, write your own one-line summary. Be sure to use your own words and not just re-write the words in the verse. Although memorisation is our practise, understanding is really the goal, so do not continue until you have a clear enough understanding of the verse to retell it in your own words.

DO NOT SCROLL DOWN until you have tried it yourself.






Here is one person’s attempt at rewriting Romans 12:9-13 to demonstrate a basic understanding of the verses. Post your own in the comment section below for the edification of the saints.

Verse 9 — Love with only good motives and gestures, no evil.

Verse 10 — Love better than you are loved.

Verse 11 — Excel with excitement in your service.

Verse 12 — Remember heaven; endure earth; pray always.

Verse 13 — Exploit your own things to minister to another