What a glorious eternity awaits us, but how difficult this world is in the meantime! Jesus is wonderful in every regard, but most of the people on this world seem to lack basic neighbourly love. Heaven is perfect, but this world is most certainly not. How do you maintain some sense of sanity in this world?

Remember your future hope, endure the temporarily chaos of this world, and stay in contact with the one who is in charge. That is what Romans 12:12 advises.

In hope rejoicing.
In distress enduring.
In prayer persisting.

Do not find your joy in this world; find your joy in your eternal hope. Do not worry and stress during the trials of your life; be patient, God is in charge. Pray. Pray for His will, not yours, to be done in this life knowing that His will most certainly will be done in the life where your hope is placed.