“To save” / “Salvation” is a very broad term in Scripture. Sometimes it refers to physical deliverance, other times to your spiritual salvation, sometimes to all of your salvation as a cover-all term, other times to a very specific sub-part of your salvation.

Here are some terms associated with salvation, and a super-short and simple explanation of each. Try to understand the differences in these terms and how they all relate to how God saved (at conversion), is saving (growing us spiritually), and will save (at death) us as sinners.

  • Salvation: remove from trouble
  • Redemption: a price paid to take you out of bondage into freedom
  • Conversion: a complete turning around
  • Elect: appointed to fulfil a Divine purpose
  • Justification: declared righteous from iniquity
  • Glorification: made perfect in a new, heavenly, body
  • Depravity: utterly sinful
  • Substitutionary Atonement: taking on the guilt of someone else
  • Propitiation: soaking up just wrath
  • Preservation: cannot lose your salvation, void your redemption, or reverse your justification
  • Sanctification: the process of becoming holy
  • Gospel Call: when the message of Jesus Christ as Saviour draw your heart
  • Regeneration / new birth: when God makes you spiritually alive to be receptive to the Gospel Call
  • Assurance: the realisation of the reality of salvation in those who are truly saved

Ephesians 2:8 “For by grace you have been saved”

Rejoice in the detailed and comprehensive work of our Saviour Jesus Christ!