It was Jerry Bridges in his book The Pursuit of Holiness who wrote something like: “Too often we say we struggle with this or that sin. And we use it as an excuse. You do not struggle as much as you are simply disobedient.” Then in chapter 10 he gives this diagram on how Scripture is intended to kill simply disobedient and produce obedience.

Spirit writes Scripture –> We learn Scripture –> Spirit brings learned Scripture to mind –> We apply what is in our mind.

What does this look like in the life of a Bible-loving, working-on-obedience believer? Psalm 119 gives us some insights.

Here is a sample of how the Scriptures help us obey.

  • v. 4 The Scriptures were designed to be obeyed
  • v. 5 The Scriptures produce a longing for obedience
  • v. 9 The Scriptures provide a standard for obedience
  • v. 11 The Scriptures produce obedience when it is valued and memorised
  • v. 32 The Scriptures invigorate us for energetic obedience
  • v. 33, 44, 112 The Scriptures will be relevant to the end (so start early and keep at it!)
  • v. 57, 106 The Scriptures justify commitment to obedience
  • v. 133 The Scriptures stimulate prayer for obedience
  • v. 136 The Scriptures produce conviction, remorse, and repentance to obey after previous disobedience

I pray that this resonates with you.