I trust you were not too unmotivated to click on this post, for if you were, you need it more than ever!

The sluggard …

  1. Always has an excuse (Pro 22:13; 26:13)
  2. Does not have the basic common sense to see his own predicament, but those around him typically see it as clear as day (Pro 15:19; 19:15; 24:30; 26:16)
  3. Does not follow a plan (Pro 20:4)
  4. Loves sleep (Pro 6:9; 26:14)
  5. Expects a free ride in life (Pro 19:24; 26:15)
  6. Is an irritation to those close to him (Pro 10:26)
  7. Eventually gets destroyed by unrealised desires (Pro 13:4; 19:15b; 21:25)

Honour the Lord, don’t be the sluggard.