As Christians we are not under the Mosaic Covenant and all that goes with it.

Yet, the bulk of the Old Testament (at least Exodus – Malachi) is written in the context of the Mosaic Covenant and is still profitable for us (2 Tim 3:16; 1 Cor 10:11).

Here is a list of ways in which to approach the Old Testament as a Christian.

  • To understand God’s character better (holy)
  • To understand man’s default character better (rebellious)
  • To understand what is needed for salvation (mercy)
  • To understand what characterises a true believer’s life (love & obedience)
  • To understand the truths and concepts of the NT better (Christ as ‘lamb’, sacrifice, wrath of God, substitution, practical love for neighbour)
  • To understand the missing-in-the-Mosaic but necessary saving-ness of the New Covenant (doing what even the Mosaic could not do)
  • To see real examples of what is only stated in propositionally in the NT
  • Bringing principles to bear where the NT has no law. (OT ethics & morality: e.g. abortion)
    • Make sure the principle is reflected in the OT text
    • Make sure it is timeless (i.e. not bound to their or your culture), and relevant (applicable to theirs and yours)
    • Make sure it fits with the rest of Biblical Theology

Fall in love with the God Who so graciously and completely revealed Himself to us!