Bible study

Wiser than the aged and educated

Experience and education are hailed as the great tutors of life in this world. We trust those with experience more than we trust those with mere head knowledge, and we trust those with reputable head knowledge more than we trust those who merely repeat their own opinions. Experience and education are the very best that […]

Non-Bible Biblical Resources

The Bible is the only source of Divine Revelation and is the only authoritative reference point of all things spiritual. Christians are required to read/hear the Bible, study the Bible, memorise the Bible, meditate on the Bible in its own pure, non-annotated form. The Bible is completely sufficient all by itself. However, this does not […]

Which interpretation is correct?

Although many interpretations of the Bible are believed and promoted among professing Christianity, each given passage of Scripture has only one true interpretation (2 Pet 1:20). Applications of a passage may vary greatly according to circumstances, but each passage means only one thing. This one interpretation can only be reached when the passage is studied […]

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