What every church MUST do

Kevin de Young said it well once when he affirmed, “There are many things a church can do, but there are only a few things a church must do” [paraphrased from memory] That is true. A church that does everything it can possibly do, but neglects to do the few things it really must do, […]

The role of church in the life of an unconverted child

Do you ever think about the function that Church fulfils in the life of a child who only attends church because his parents do? Just like we feed our children vegetables because it is objectively good for them even if they don’t share that conviction, and just like we teach our children an array of […]

I need a good friend and you need me to be a good friend

We are simply too selfish (Pro 18:1), too limited in understanding (Pro 18:2), and too foolish (Pro 12:15) to think we can go through life without some serious input from some good friends. The first obvious benefit of having some good friends is spiritual growth. Just like your physical body doesn’t grow when some of […]

Tests of Teachability

The joy of learning something is certainly in the top 10 of earthly pleasures among the mature. Yet, being taught by another doesn’t always have the same appeal even to the mature, not to mention among the self-conceited, always-right-in-their-own-eyes, opinionated immature. The Scriptures draw us to being more teachable in many ways. Here is a […]

Romans 12:11 Three wake-up calls for spiritual service

Motivational one-liners have infused the weak with strength to succeed at all kinds of endeavours. Stories abound of underdogs becoming CEOs, of the oppressing becoming saviours, of the lazy becoming heroes. The same is true for spiritual ministry. The little brother Joseph became slave and then executive ruler of Egypt. The shepherd boy became King […]

Romans 12:10 An excellent love

Sometimes the vocabulary in one language makes it difficult to translate certain words into another language. By comparing different possible translations, we can nonetheless grasp the full significance of the original language. This is evidently the case in Romans 12:10 which is translated the following ways in different translations. Love one another with brotherly affection. […]

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