daily godliness

Common courtesy

Show perfect courtesy toward all people —God Our parents used to teach us to be polite, have good manners, and respect others. We were told not to be rude, selfish, or disrespectful. These things all describe our attitudes and behaviour towards others. These are difficult things to instil in children or perfect as adults, because […]

Are you sure that your sins are forgiven?

When God saves a sinner and forgives the sin of that person, He does not dip them in purple, or something like that, to show that that one’s sins are forgiven. Sin doesn’t appear as a physically black burden on one’s back as depicted in the allegory of Pilgrim’s Progress. Forgiveness doesn’t appear like a […]

Does your religion help you overcome sin?

The longer one lives on this earth, the more obvious the futility of false religion is evident. The most fervent of worshippers on one day of the week can be the most immoral, un-thankful, arrogant, and deceptive two days later. Sadly this is true of false worship under the banner of Christianity too. In debating […]

Good spiritual warfare

Spiritual warfare is a good warfare. It is not some extraordinary exercise for the exorcists, or some unusual experience of the evil. Spiritual warfare is a good warfare. The reason for it being a good warfare is because of the way it is waged. Unlike the many religions that practise spiritual warfare through bindings, chants, […]

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