A Psalm When Reality is Unpleasant

Psalm 10 is in many ways the perfect hospital bed Psalm for believers and even unbelievers. It is a Psalm of Reality – unpleasant reality. Read the first thirteen verses, and see if the pleas of your heart do not often express the same questions. Does God not see? Why

A simple chorus of genuine praise

Often it is the simple spontaneous things that are as meaningful as the profound planned things. The song of Moses in Exodus 15 covers seventeen and a half verses praising God for the power displayed in the crossing of the Red Sea and subsequent destruction of the Egyptian army. Then

What is so important about the Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity states that God is One being in three distinct persons. God the Father is not God the Son and not God the Holy Spirit. The Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit are each fully God, yet there is only one God. God doesn’t

Never minimise God’s holiness

Isaiah 6 is a grand display of God’s holiness and how mankind compares to God. In this vision of God, a sinful man named Isaiah was commissioned to be a prophet of the Lord. In all the subsequent highs and lows of his long prophetic ministry, it was the holiness

God daily bears us up

Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; Psalm 68:19 Did you praise God for that when you woke up this morning? God is bearing you up today again. He did so yesterday, He will do so tomorrow again. In your daily weakness, He strengthens you. In your daily