God’s attributes

Lessons on suffering from an oasis

A very particular little oasis in the desert near the Dead Sea gets mentioned a few times in God’s Word. It is the waterfall and spring in the middle of the desert at “En Gedi”. It is mentioned in 1 Samuel 24:1ff and, related to that, it is also mentioned in the inspired title of […]

The Chorus of God’s Character

God has the most fascinating, intriguing, and unique character. There is a Christian song written in 1867 that attempts to showcase the almost paradoxical, but perfectly united character traits of God. Sung to a rather quick-paced tune, this hymn effectively informs and overwhelms us with God’s excellencies. “Immortal Invisible” by Walter Chalmers Smith (1867) Immortal, […]

Protected by Psalm 91

Satan used Psalm 91 to tempt Jesus to expect God to miraculously save him from death. Many have followed Satan’s use of this Psalm in tempting God to keep us from trials instead of sticking to His perfect purposes for us that often include trials. Psalm 91 affirms that God is indeed very capable in […]

It is God’s World and anyone can be holy

Psalm 24 is a welcome chorus for the LORD to return in royal glory. It begins with two theological affirmations. First, it asserts that everything belongs to the LORD, and second, it asserts that each person can be holy. The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof,the world and those who dwell therein, for […]

Interrupting fear and worry

It feels like a flood of information coming without relenting. News broadcast with both true and fake news keep us posted on all the worrisome developments. WhatsApp is abuzz with personal opinions and forwarded messages. Presidential speeches, local police, and now even the army is employed to keep us informed and safe from the great […]

Do you know God well enough to love Him during affliction?

Do you still love Jesus? Is your love for God still fully intact through the fear and suffering spreading over the world? Do you know God well enough that when affliction comes you do not doubt His goodness and love? Are you aware of God’s true character and dealings with mankind that you are not […]

VIP witnesses to God

Most of us would never be considered a Very Important Person (VIP) in this world’s terms. Instead we follow them on social media, in magazines, and through informal gossip channels. Although God predominately chooses the lowly in life to be witnesses to His nature and His works (1 Cor 1:26-28), He has at times revealed […]

God’s universal love

God is love, and therefore God demonstrates His love to all—yes, even to those who reject His saving love (Mark 10:21-23). God’s special love for believers is extraordinarily unique, but His universal love for all is in no means meaningless. God demonstrates universal love by granting the daily solar cycle and annual seasonal changes to […]

God is wonderful in counsel

We know that God is the “Wonderful Counsellor” (Is 9:6), but we often take that to be a mere spiritual comfort rather than a practical call to listen and follow His instruction. Perhaps the most beautiful description of God’s wisdom and counsel is this: This also comes from the LORD of hosts;he is wonderful in […]

God’s common love

God’s love is often referred to as ‘common grace’. The nuances of the various terms are subtle, but important. Although very few resources can be found on God’s love for unbelievers, resources abound on common grace and providence. This does not mean, however, that God’s love is only limited to the elect and that His […]

Why we worship God

“Why do you worship God?” For believers, that is not a difficult question to answer. The more difficult question is “Where do you start?!” It seems that Psalm 147 also didn’t really know where to start, so the author just started, and then continued for 20 verses with a number of calls to praise the […]

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