Romans 12:15 Empathy explained

The Oxford dictionary defines empathy as “the ability to understand another person’s feelings, experience, etc.”. The Bible might not use the English word empathy, but has required it of Christians all along already. Romans 12:15 must be one of the most practical explanations of empathy. Rejoice with those who rejoice,

Symptoms of Intentional Fellowship

Here are Five Symptoms of Intentional Fellowship that we as Christians must all suffer from. First, practise the “one anothers” in Scripture. Search for all the verses in the NT with the words “one another”, and start obeying them. Then, encourage others to do the same. And if someone else

Romans 12:10 An excellent love

Sometimes the vocabulary in one language makes it difficult to translate certain words into another language. By comparing different possible translations, we can nonetheless grasp the full significance of the original language. This is evidently the case in Romans 12:10 which is translated the following ways in different translations. Love

The basics of Christian living

Simplification is good. We appreciate teachers who can simplify complex lessons. We learn much from pastors who can explain grand theology simply. We need frequent reminders of the basics of Christian living. Someone once said somewhat tongue-in-cheek that when Paul wanted to simply the Gospel, the wrote the book of

Did you pray for ministry workers today?

We pray for ourselves. We pray for our loved ones. We pray for one another at church. How often do you pray for those who are doing the work of ministry? Partly you do so when you pray for one another at church since every Christian is a ministry worker