Pray for God’s sovereignty on display

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven More so than anything else, “The Lord’s Prayer”, or perhaps more accurately, “Every Disciple’s Prayer”, is a prayer for God to make it obvious that He is in control of everything. The model prayer that our Lord Jesus gave us, starts […]

Praying the Bible

Some of the least recognised, but profoundly impactful, especially over time, ministry of some pastors has been the public prayers during worship services. This reflects a heritage of the importance of public prayers in the lives of believers. The book of Psalms is the Bible’s way of modelling the relevance of public prayers to those […]

The sigh of righteousness

Until the Lord comes again to put an end to sin and establish righteousness as the standard for society, righteousness will be difficult. We know that it is always better to respond to evil with righteousness, but sometimes righteousness seems to draw out more evil from evil-doers. There is often a sigh of helplessness after […]

Romans 12:14 First responder to persecution

It is no secret that throughout all the persecution account in church history, the true believers’ first response to their persecutors was one of goodwill, not vindictiveness. As strong and unyielding the martyrs were during trial, so calm and kind they were at their execution. Stories abound of a kind greeting to those come to […]

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