The authority of revelation from God

Although both the Bible (special revelation) and all of creation (general revelation) are given by God to man, only the Bible constitutes inherent final authority. God’s general revelation to man is continuous (Psalm 19:2), wordless (Psalm 19:3) and worldwide in scope (Psalm 19:4).[1] General revelation teaches the existence of God

The Joy of Knowing Jesus

There is no greater joy than knowing Jesus. You and I as Christians are perhaps very comfortable with the knowledge of Jesus because it is such a fundamental part of our confession as Christians. Of all the VIPs that you might have met in this world, or perhaps only dream

God is a speaking God

God has not left us uninformed. In God’s kindness and wisdom, He limited the ways in which we can come to know Truth about Him. According to the Scriptures, God can be known through 1) Creation and 2) The Bible. This is commonly refered to by theologians as “General revelation”

God is the only God

Isaiah 45 and 46 contain four affirmations that the LORD is the only God. This is, however, not just some stand-alone truth. Each affirmation of the LORD’s exclusivity to God-ness is accompanied by an implication of that truth for mankind I am the LORD, and there is no other,besides me