Perfect godliness

It it is a much repeated and intuitively evident reality that “Nobody is perfect!” and we are all “just human”. We sometimes appeal to that reality as a justification for our rather-less-than-perfect actions and attitudes. Jesus, however, used that reality to motivate us to be perfect in our personal godliness.

The tendency of sin

Sometimes it feels like we are forever just fighting sin and getting nowhere. But already, fighting sin and getting nowhere is significantly better than what happened before God saved us. We need to keep fighting sin so we can be holy, but when the fight seems more real than the

How you will become more holy

The “How to …” instructions for fighting temptation and becoming more holy is clearly explained throughout the Scriptures. There are three passages though that are of particular practical significance in setting us firmly on the highway to holiness. These three passages are not only full of their own insights into

How you will not become more holy

YouTube is filled with “How to ….” instructions for many practical things we all bump into from time to time. Spiritually we bump into temptation frequently enough that we should be crying out for a “How to …” instruction regarding sin and temptation. Thankfully, Scripture is filled with such instruction.

Do not yoke yourself to an unbeliever

Just like the unequal joining of a good ox and a stubborn donkey under the same yoke would not make for effective ploughing, so an unequal partnership between a believer and an unbeliever won’t make for effective Christian ministry. Unfortunately though, the verse on unequal yoking yourself to unbelievers is