The goodness of God’s goodness

Psalm 119:68 affirms unequivocally that God is good. The necessarily conclusion is equally profound: God does good. Nothing that God has ever done is bad, and nothing that is bad has ever been done by God. You are good and do good Psalm 119:68a (ESV) Since this truth about God is often the first thing […]

The one who knows the Bible best, knows best

When it comes to identifying an expert we typically look at a person’s experience and education. And for the normal earthly matters of life that is certainly true. Sadly, though, we often look at human experience and human education when looking for experts regarding the matters of our souls. An entire category of occupations have […]

Christianese: Infallibility

That Scripture is infallible means that it is incapable of failure and error (John 10:35). Scripture therefore, is always true and cannot change. There are no contradictions in Scripture and all of it’s teachings are consistent with one another. This infallibility is a result of the fact that God is truth (Zech 8:8) and therefore […]

Christianese: Inspiration

Inspiration means that Scripture is ‘God-breathed’ . (As a qualitative note, the divine inspiration of each word of Scripture is true of the originals manuscripts only and is not true of any translation.) The significance of Scripture being inspired means that the Holy Spirit moved men (2 Pet 1:21) to record God’s revelation for man. […]

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