Q&A #6

Topics in this Q&A: Taking out insurance and drinking alcohol What should we as Christians think about drinking alcohol? One of the benefits of lockdown has been the rather obvious benefit to society at large when alcohol is banned for a month. Hospital emergency rooms, police investigators, and emergency response teams, and the road accident […]

What your behaviour says about the Holy Spirit in you

At the new birth, God gives His Holy Spirit to you. You are spiritually baptised into the Holy Spirit meaning that you have been added to the Church and that your ministry to the saints will now bear fruit (1 Cor 12:13). The gift of the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit […]

The insight of self-awareness

Two verses in Proverbs affirm the kind of self-awareness that characterise the wise. You might not find the somewhat psychologised term “self-awareness” in the topic index at the back of your Bible, but the more active description of self-awareness is that of “give thought to” your deeds and lifestyle. The first verse is Proverbs 14:15 […]

One spiritual step at a time

“Walk by the Spirit” – that is the command of Galatians 5:16. The result? You and I won’t give in to the many temptations of our flesh. That is the work and reward laid out for us this year. The section of Scripture that begins with “walk by the Spirit” ends in Galatians 5:25-26 with […]

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