Psalm 112 is one of the “Fear of the LORD” Psalms. Take a moment to read Psalm 112 in your own Bible …

… I’ll still be here when you are done …

…. have you actually read it?? Then ask yourself what kind a person would write something like that! What insights from God regarding this life would you have to know to pen those words? What convictions do you have to live by to feel so strongly about composing such a psalm? You might feel that you are nothing like the man who wrote Psalm 112, but that is no excuse to remain like that. Instead, extract the convictions of Psalm 112 as resolutions for your own life.

Here are Ten Resolutions to Fear the Lord like Mr. 112

Ten RESOLUTIONS to Fear the Lord

  1. Resolve to delight in Scripture (Psalm 112:1)
  2. Resolve to be an upright parent (Psalm 112:2)
  3. Resolve to be more successful spiritually than physically (Psalm 112:3)
  4. Resolve to be God-like in your personality (Psalm 112:4)
  5. Resolve to be Biblically just (Psalm 112:5)
  6. Resolve to pursue stability (Psalm 112:6)
  7. Resolve to trust God with bad news (Psalm 112:7)
  8. Resolve to await ultimate justice (Psalm 112:8)
  9. Resolve to give cheerfully (Psalm 112:9)
  10. Resolve not to be wicked (Psalm 112:10)