“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is the most frequent rebuttal I’ve heard to “Let’s memorise Scripture together!”. Since we are not dogs, but redeemed by the Lord, and since we are not learning new tricks, but old Bible verses, let’s memorise Scripture together!

How will you know what to do with your thoughts when worry creeps in when your Bible is out of reach? Or even if your Bible was within reach (or Google distance), where would you turn?

When you have a moment of peace and quiet, your mind always dwells on what most occupies it; how much of it is owed and operated by the Word of God?

Memorisation of Scripture provides every Christian with an every-ready answer to the matters of our mind, soul, and spirit. Memorisation of Scripture is to Christian living what a Venter trailer is to holiday travels – everything needed is in there, coming along with you everywhere, so the moment the need arises, it can be unpacked for a fruitful and enjoyable experience.

On our church website is a printable handout contained a wonderful starting point to Scripture memorisation. It contains twenty verses that together answer almost every doctrinal and Christian living issue we face. Sometimes we need to know the more obscure verses in the Bible for the complicating issues of life, but for the most part these twenty verses will keep every Christian safe from false teaching and on the track towards godly living.

Download the file here, print it out, fold it as often as you can so it can come with you everywhere.