Jesus did and taught much more than is recorded for us in the four Gospel accounts (John 21:25). John specifically mentions that reality and points us to pay attention to the things that are written for they are written down purposefully (John 20:30-31).

Like John, the historian Luke carefully selected some events and teachings from Jesus’s life and arranged them through Divine inspiration for us to learn what Jesus taught. One of those arrangements in Luke, Luke 10:1 – 11:13 show us what the basics of true faith include.

There are five basic things that we as Christians do.

First, Christians focus on converts (10:1-20). Church consists of the converted, and as converted people, Christians concern themselves with being salt and light in this world, but most uniquely so, in the way of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unconverted. Christians focus on converts.

Second, Christians recognise the joy of knowing Jesus (10:21-24). Many things on earth are a source of joy, and many things at time rob those joys from us again. But there is one joy that surpasses all other joys, that remains when all other joys have faded, and that cannot be dulled – the joy of knowing Jesus.

Third, as the parable of the good Samaritan was used to teach the law expert, true Christians are known for loving God and obeying God (10:25-37) by loving others. God is loved above all, and He is obeyed above all, starting with the most basic of commands “Love your neighbour as yourself”. True Christians humbly acknowledge that when love for neighbour as grown cold, that our obedience to God is lacking, and subsequently it proves that our love for God is lacking too. Christians do not justify themselves, but repent to return to loving God and obeying God.

Fourth, as Martha learned that day, Christians make excuses to worship (10:38-42). We always make excuses to do what is most important to us. Christians therefore make excuses to escape the distraction of this world when it is time to worship.

And fifth, perhaps the most dear to us all, Christians pray to the Father (11:1-13). Christians pray because Christians have a Father in Heaven. He greatly exceeds all fatherly expectations that we have, and therefore we pray. We pray for His greatness to be known; we plead for personal food and forgiveness. Christians pray because Christians have a Father in Heaven.

These five basic things that Christians do is the little back-to-the-basics reminder we all occasionally need.