In 1 John 5:13 the Spirit, through John, informs us that we can know if we have true saving faith.

In the rest of 1 John the Spirit listed many little clues that, if you see them, probably indicate that the faith you claim to have is indeed genuine, saving, faith.

Here is a summary of them.

The Fruit of Faith from 1 John (5:13)

  1. Is your faith defined in terms of a relationship with God? (1:3; 3:1)
  2. Are you sensitive to sin? (1:8-10)
  3. Are you growing in obedience / holiness? (2:3-6; 3:3, 6)
  4. Are you growing in discernment? (2:21; 4:1)
  5. Do you eagerly expect Christ’s return? (2:28-3:3)
  6. Do you pray for things God promised and experience His answer? (5:14-15)
  7. Do you experience a growing distance to the world? (2:15-17; 3:13; 5:19)
  8. Do you love other Christians? (3:1, 17-18)

NOTE: None of these can give faith, but they are the fruit that prove that the faith one claims is genuine.

Pray that they convict, and confirm, where necessary.