Anxiety disorders are claimed by psychiatry and psychology as one of their fields of expertise. In the meantime, Scripture has held the place of EXPERT on the disorder of anxiety ever since sin entered the world. Anxiety might manifest itself in many physical ways, but it since it is called sin in the Bible, we know that its cause, and therefore its solution, is spiritual.

This is really good news, for Scripture offers not only coping mechanisms for anxiety and fear, but offers the cure.

The causes of anxiety and fear are all spiritual. It is not circumstances, but one’s response to circumstances that produces anxiety. It is not a wrong understanding of other people that produces fear, but one’s incomplete or incorrect understanding of God that produces fear. It is not chemical imbalances that cause worry, but thinking imbalances.

The cure of anxiety and fear disorders are therefore all spiritual. Knowing God’s instruction (Matt 6:25), God’s provision (Matt 6:26), God’s common sense (Matt 6:27), God’s expertise (Matt 6:28-29), God’s care (Matt 6:30-31), God’s knowledge (Matt 6:32), God’s alternative to anxiety (Matt 6:33), and God’s memorable proverb (Matt 6:34), are proven expert insights into every disorder that comes from anxiety and fear. And this is all from only one passage!

So also Philippians 4 mentions God’s instruction (Phil 4:6), prayer to God (Phil 4:6), God’s peace (Phil 4:7), and God’s prescriptions for mental well-being (Phil 4:8) as the starting point for dealing with anxious moments. To top it all off, Paul mentioned himself as proof that it works (Phil 4:9).

It is time for Christians to return to what has always worked. Just because many professing Christians have so long neglected the Expert on mental disorders, does not mean the world’s alternatives are all we’ve got left. God is still right. Pastors, at least those who really know God’s Word, are still more qualified than a dozen worldly qualifications. A Christian who is practising God’s way of dealing with anxiety and fear is still more experienced in the cure than all who followed alternatives.

practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you

Philippians 4:9