A common desire among all mankind is the desire to be blessed, rather than cursed. False teachers use that innate desire to bless themselves. Cults invent their own ways to obtain divine blessing. But it is the Scriptures that inform us of what kind of people the living God chooses to bless. As the faithful expect, this list is a spiritual list producing conviction at first, then encouragement and joy. May this come to characterise your life.

In the Psalms alone, the LORD blesses the one who …

  • does not get too involved with the unrighteous, but is very involved with the Bible (Ps 1:1-2)
  • seeks spiritual safety from God Himself (Ps 2:12; 34:8)
  • is righteous (Ps 5:12)
  • trusts God’s promises more than man’s (Ps 40:4)
  • cares for the poor (Ps 41:1)
  • spends much time in corporate worship (Ps 84:4-5)
  • trusts God for the good things in life (Ps 84:11-12)
  • always acts fair and just (Ps 106:3)
  • fears God and takes His commandments seriously (Ps 112:1; Ps 115:13; Ps 128:1; Ps 128:4)
  • has a lifestyle of obedience (Ps 119:1)
  • loves reading about God’s accomplishments (Ps 119:2)
  • has a good work/home balance (Ps 127:1-5)
  • has the LORD as their God (Ps 144:15)

The blessings of the LORD will cost you the blessings of the world, and the blessings of the world will cost you the blessings of the LORD.

Which blessing will you choose?