In  the  preface  to The  MacArthur  Study  Bible,  John  MacArthur gives  the  following  synopsis  of  the  theme  and  purpose  of  the Scriptures:

There is one God. The Bible has one Creator. It is one book. It has one plan of grace, recorded from initiation, through execution, to consummation. From predestination to glorification, the Bible is the story of God redeeming His chosen people for the praise of His glory. As God’s redemptive purposes and plan unfold in Scripture, 5 recurring motifs are constantly emphasized:

  1. The character of God
  2. The judgment for sin and disobedience
  3. The blessing for faith and obedience
  4. The Lord Savior and sacrifice for sin
  5. The coming kingdom and glory

As  you  pursue  a  better  understanding  of  the  Scriptures, keep these basic motifs in mind. In all your reading, ask yourself what the passage is teaching you about the nature of God Himself. Watch for consistent themes of judgment for disobedience and blessings for obedience. Apply the truths found in the Word to your life and learn how to believe and obey more steadfastly. Always remember Who effected your salvation, and rejoice in the fact that one day He will return for you.