Psalm 120 laments the difficulty of being a peace-maker in a world that loves war, trouble, oppression, deceit, and disorder. But Psalm 120 also offers counsel of a typical practical nature.

Psalm 120:1 When suffering in a violent and unjust situation, call out to God, for He always answers.

Psalm 120:2 Here is the counsel for a peacemaker – pray for even more honesty and integrity in your speech. Never succumb to the methods of this world in your attempts to redeem some peace in the midst of your troubles.

Psalm 120:3-4 Remember the sharp pains and burning lashes that come from a sinful tongue, and therefore commit all the more to keep your tongue from the same.

Psalm 120:5-6 Meshech and Kedar are places of great hostility and disorder. When it feels like you have been too long in the midst of those who hate peace, be it your own household, your extended family, social circles, or even country, then return to the example in verse 1 and the prayer of verse 2.

Psalm 120:7 Here is really the theme of this all – being a peacemaker in a hostile world. It is often an unpleasant task, with little fruit, but before you speak once again, pray the prayer of verse 2, and ensure that no matter how others use their tongue, you will not use yours to deceive, manipulate, or lie.

This is the prayer of lament and counsel to every peace-maker.