Ephesians 6:10-20 contains the most detailed set of instructions on a Christian’s engagement in spiritual warfare. Some verses in Scripture are difficult to interpret at first, but if you first go to clear passages like this one, then all the other passages become more clear too.

The main point is “stand strong”, not “cast” or “bind” (vv. 10, 11, 13, 14a). Then, six specific weapons are mentioned. The imagery of a military armour is used, but when the metaphors are removed, the spiritual weapon is clearly revealed.

Eph 6:14a Truth—Tightly control all you do in terms of spiritual truth, not error or hypocrisy. Don’t get entangled with or distracted by deception, lies, and false spirituality. Stick to the Truth.

Eph 6:14b Righteousness—Your general spiritual fitness is measured by your general righteousness. When you worry about righteousness, then specific attacks of Satan are automatically squished like a breastplate handles attacks just by being worn!

Eph 6:15 Gospel readiness—All temptations and trials are opportunities to put the Gospel on display in a peace-making kind of way. The best starting point about spiritual warfare is “Let me tell you about Jesus who died for the forgiveness of your sin!”

Eph 6:16 Faith—If you believe God, who He is, and what He says about
everything, then you will not be hurt by spiritual attacks on your faith. Be mindful though, that this is not some mystical faith in a mere man or his
ministry—this is faith in God.

Eph 6:17a Salvation—If your faith is true saving faith, then no spiritual attack will ever destroy your faith. Salvation is your protection against the
rulers of darkness – not weekly deliverance rituals. Like the breastplate, simply by wearing the helmet, you are already equipped for spiritual warfare.

Eph 6:17b Scripture—Know the Scriptures, be able to use them in accurate, precise and relevant ways, and you will be able, not only to stand firm, but also to take on spiritual opposition. Bible verses, not tricks, are the way you
respond to the work of the devil and demons.

All 6 these weapons are given us by God —not one of them came from another man or training program. This means even the most baby Christian is capable of standing strong amidst spiritual dark forces.